ADESINO PRODUCTS would like to thank everyone for their purchases. We are bringing our home to your home.

Thank your from the bottom of our hearts for purchasing our Natural and Organic Soaps    

Very glad to see a company that has great prices and great products. 

Mark Knocks 



I am enjoying your soaps. I see and feel an enormous change in my skin. 

Helen Cobbs 


Big reduction in break outs on both my face and body. My boyfriend has really taken a notice! 

Patrick Cowen 


Adesino Products, I have to admit I was afraid at first to buy your soap, but my husband asked me to buy the olive oil soap, and it has made his skin so soft. 

Thank you 

Sharon Skilles


I just want to say thank you for making such a  wonderful soap! It has really been a blessing for me and my family. 

Cecilia Smith 


I am 61 years old and single, I have been using your soap for the last year, and it has really helped me out with the ladies :)



I play sports on the weekend and I work in the hospital during the week. Your Shea Butter soap is amazing after the long days. 

Leo Capzzoi